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Construire un feu

La Tierce / Sonia Garcia, Séverine Lefèvre, Charles Pietri (FR)


Contemporary dance

La Cathédrale
Stage accessible to people with reduced mobility

Date(s) and times

Tuesday 22:30 - 23:45
Wednesday 22:30 - 23:45

Construire un feu is a site-specific piece for theatres and indoor locations, which tries to give the location it plays in some figurative rest. A story, that we know little about and have no control over, emerges : "one day, someone saw a person move like no one else had ever moved before". From this fantasy of the 'first dance', a fiction filled with poetic emotion is born ; what happened one day - or one night - for a person to perform a gesture that had never been performed before? Construire un feu is an attempt to create a performance that could exist in any era, past or future - of which we know nothing.

La Tierce is a company led by three dancers and choreographers, Sonia Garcia, Séverine Lefèvre and Charles Pietri. Together they develop choreographic work in the form of plays, performances and research. Attached to the simplicity of the forms and mediums they use, the three choreographers anchor their work in sensitive experience, digging into anodyne and eccentric gestures to appeal to the sensitive imagination of each individual.

Swiss premiere (2023 creation)

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