Thematic trails

The Festival de la Cité offers a wide range of artistic projects for all kinds of audiences. Below, discover our suggested themed itineraries. The aim of these itineraries is to offer a few gateways into the rich range of artistic propositions to help you find your way around the programme.

parcours thématiques.png

L'écho des luttes (The echoes of struggles)

Committed voices, a strong, intimate and political voice that will shake up your assumptions. Multiple stories, atypical careers, songs that make you move while denouncing injustices and unravelling current struggles!

La mécanique des corps (the mechanics of bodies)

Dancing, swaying, rolling, jumping, climbing, twirling - that's what the performers of these projects, as crazy as they are poignant, have in store for you. Come and admire the movement of their bodies, or let yourself be guided by the rhythms of the performers, so that you too can get moving and break a sweat!

L’intangible légèreté (Intangible lightness)

Want to dream? Let yourself be carried away by movement, sound and imagination? Discover poetic and immersive projects that will stir your senses and take you to dreamlike landscapes!

Les familles curieuses (Curious families)

With friends or family, rediscover your childlike spirit with projects aimed at young and old alike for moments of pure fun, laughter and discoveries of all kinds in a relaxed atmosphere!