bass music, drum and bass, club music

La Placette Bonnard
Stage accessible to people with reduced mobility

Date(s) and times

Friday 19:30 - 22:30

VOUS ÊTES REUS? is about creating caring and inclusive spaces in which both ourselves and our sisters belong, and are safe and legitimate.VER? is currently undergoing an internal reprogramming and transformation so that it can soon be reborn in a new incarnation. This return to the Festival de la Cité after 1 year, without having organised anything in the meantime, is a small nod to last year and also the opportunity to announce the start of a new adventure. For this year's edition, VER ? is teaming up with Mânaa for a club and underground flavour, so you're in for a treat as an electronic music fan!

Featuring two of the region's finest talents, playing mainly bass, drum and bass and club music: Mona and Mezita!


This Dj set takes place as part of the curation of Zagaza. Zagaza is a laboratory and collective of Afrodescendant artists in the French speaking part of Switzerland that extends its artistic universe to black conscious art.


Vers le haut