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Jonas Albrecht

Jonas Albrecht (CH)


Technoid ritualistic drum escapade, sweat mode, sport rock

Les Balcons de la Mercerie
Stage accessible to people with reduced mobility

Date(s) and times

Tuesday 21:45 - 22:30

As a hyperactive percussionist, Jonas Albrecht pursues various musical projects. If he is known as a current member of the noise trio Film 2, the electro-experimental quartet Tanche, or the jazz formation Inuit Pagoda, it is his solo project that you will have the pleasure to discover at the Cité. While remaining anchored in a field of frontal and physical experimentation, his solo work is a total embodiment of his unbridled energy, expressed through percussion, vocals and effects. His music instantly invites movement, and has the power to give rise to unexpected processions. Further proof that transcendence will accompany this 51st edition. 

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