Celebration of Black Queer & Femme Music: Hirma

Hirma (CH)


Black Queer and Fem music

La Placette Bonnard
Stage accessible to people with reduced mobility

Date(s) and times

Sunday 22:00 - 23:15

Hirma, also known as NDH, is one of the co-founders of the Zagaza collective. With her sets, she introduces people to new music, shocks them with her mix of varied, opposing and complementary styles, and challenges her audience's musical memory. She focuses mainly on Afro rhythms, with references to hip-hop, drum'n bass and Jersey. After her first appearance at La Cité last year with the VOUS ÊTES REUS? collective, Hirma is back to set La Placette Bonnard alight with her motto: make the CROWD feel SEXY when she mixes!


This Dj set takes place as part of the curation of Zagaza. Zagaza is a laboratory and collective of Afrodescendant artists in the French speaking part of Switzerland that extends its artistic universe to black conscious art. On the last day of the Festival, Zagaza celebrates Black Queer and Femme Music with DJs who will have you dancing the night away. This event is organised in collaboration with Jenni Dantor.

Jenni Dantor is a dedicated curator and vibrant performer, driven by a deep passion for community and the vibrant expressions of Black, Queer, and Femme arts and artists. Her genuine desire is to create immersive experiences that inspire, engage, and uplift. Merging the realms of music, performance art, and good vibes, Jenni aims to craft something truly magical. She finds joy in fostering connections among people through the celebration of diverse cultures and the transformative power of art. Join Jenni on an extraordinary journey of discovery and connection.

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