Loose Antenna 

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Created in 2020, Loose Antenna is a community radio station combining DJ sets and broadcasts. Participatory by nature, it promotes an inclusive space for expression with the aim of getting across messages that are poorly relayed by the mainstream media, including those from militant groups.

This year, Loose Antenna returns to the Festival de la Cité as a radio participant. The radio platform will be set up right in the heart of the Festival on the esplanade du Château. The collective will be taking festival-goers to meet the artists performing during the week, through interviews: a moment of audio bubble, sound experimentation and intimate encounters to (re)discover the Cité.

Official radio of the Festival - Loose Antenna Radio program and more on looseantenna.fm
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Manager/représentante :
Camille Evêquoz

Responsables de production :
Olivier Matthey et Joelle Baehr-Bruyère

Responsables technique :
Elys Jones et Guillaume Curchod


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