Based between Vevey and Lausanne, CAF? is an active label that has been carving out its path in electronic music for the past 5 years. With 11 releases to its name, the label can pride itself on being the architect of a constellation of musical projects that capture the zeitgeist of electronic music creation as well as representing a certain form of avant-garde. From his first IR90 cassette to his latest EP, the common denominator for CAF? has been electronic night and dance music. Nevertheless, it has allowed itself to explore other musical genres in keeping with the versatility and spirit of curiosity that drives it. It's an approach to techno, house, breakbeat, ambient, synth-pop and even Italo-disco that finds its unity in proposals that are both ironic and iconoclastic, fun and singular. Where electronic music tends to be formatted, the CAF? collective takes the opposite approach, brilliantly embracing music's great divide. For the Festival de la Cité, it's setting up camp in the Jardin du Petit Théâtre for a multi-faceted programme designed as an invitation to the artists who have contributed to the various musical releases, as well as members and friends of the label. Ready to blow out the label's five candles and get your feet tapping?


On Thursday evening, the collective will be hosting a special evening as part of its release of latincore: latincore is a shared desire for retrospection in the form of a vinyl compilation produced by the CAF? label. This sound project brings together 14 productions and traces the contours of the hybrid and emerging music scenes of Latin America and the Caribbean and their diasporas.

Complete line-up for the week: 

TUE 04: 19h45 PussyR | 23h30 Reymour
WED 05: 19h45 Alice Anyway | 23h30 XOXO Miro
THU 06: 20h Anita Kirppis | 23h CHASS333UR | 00h30 CRRDR (soirée latincore)
FRI 07: 19h Torchon | 21h15 Five O'clock Traffic | 00h towLie
SAT 08: 19h DNC | 21h Yanling | 00h30 Ok Matthew
SUN 09: 18h Opa'City | 21h Hirsute | 23h Gino Ritmo & Ricci Verace